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Driver Comfort Features


We realize that the driver is the key partner in progress for the transporter. With improved roads and a vehicle capable of delivering more trips per month, it is crucial to create an environment where the driver will be able to drive more per day. Exhaustion caused by heat, noise and vibration are major factors which limit the amount of time a driver spends inside the cabin. Keeping this in mind, the Prima range of tractors come with a noise-controlled, air conditioned cabin. Larger tyres, 4 point cabin mounting, fully suspended pneumatic seats and a shock resistant steering wheel ensure that vibration within the cabin is kept at a minimum. Steering mounted controls, an in built audio system, comfortable seats and berths with adequate storage space make sure the driver feels at home inside the cabin.

Comfort Features (Click on the thumbnails to view larger images)

LED Display

Tippers LED

Smaller Steering Wheel

Trippers Smaller Steering Wheel

Pneumatically adjustable bucket Seats

Tippers Pneumatically Adjustable Bucket Seats

Ergonomic arrangement of switches & buttons

Tippers Ergonomic Arrangement of Switches and Buttons

Roof Lamp

Tippers Roof Lamp

Luxurious Cabin

Tippers Luxurious Cabin

Cruise PTO - Optimum operation & reduces driver fatigue

Tippers Cruise PTO

Adequate storage compartments

Tippers Adequate Storage Tipper Adequate Storage Compartments
Tipper Adequate Storage Compartments
Tippers Adequate Storage

Ergonomic Controls

Tata Tippers Ergonomic Controls
Remote keyless entry with central door locking, air suspension reclining seat

Tippers Overview

At this positive juncture when India’s economy is poised for growth and transformation, significant investments are being made towards sustainable industrialization. To leverage maximum benefits from a promising market, the construction segment has witnessed unprecedented expansion in recent times, particularly to cope with the need for improvement of infrastructure like roads, highways, ports, power plants and steel plants.

The Construck PRIMA range of tippers from Tata Motors is especially suited to provide the necessary momentum in the construction and mining sectors. Coming from Tata Motors, the leaders in truck manufacturing in India, PRIMA construction tippers are equipped to facilitate the pace of progress for mammoth projects undertaken throughout the country. It is imperative for the new infrastructure developments to employ latest reliable technology and superior equipment - including the latest tippers. Thus, in order to meet steep deadlines and negate losses incurred through machinery failure, PRIMA tippers from the Construck range function as the backbone for earth and aggregate movement.

Ensuring speedy completion of projects through increased power, tippers from Tata Motors’ Construck range are truly world-class and fully prepared to meet the vital needs for larger capacities. These are shaped by robust aggregates, designed and sourced from internationally acclaimed manufacturers, in combination with the in-house expertise of Tata Motors. So, PRIMA Tippers are easily the perfect vehicles for the ongoing infrastructure revolution.

Binding it all together is the in-house experience of Tata Motors engineers based in India, as well as engineers of Tata-Daewoo Commercial Vehicles Company Limited, South Korea. All in all, a worldwide effort for a world-class range of trucks - Prima.

Advanced features that spell power, productivity and faster returns on your investment:

  • Larger and wider body, for enhanced load bearing capacity.
  • Power train options ranging from 280 PS to 380 PS, with suitable engine, transmission and axle for faster trips.
  • Data Loggers in the tipper cab. This measures vehicle performance and driving practices daily, along several parameters to ensure optimum vehicle usage.
  • 3-axle and 4-axle configurations to serve specific applications such as road and canal construction, irrigation and mining.
  • PRIMA Tippers offer the reliability of global standards of excellence, assured by a trusted service support network throughout the country.
  • Cost-effective operations due to low fuel consumption.
  • Euro III and Euro IV compliant.
  • Compliance with motor vehicle and emission standards in many countries across the world.
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