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Driver Confort Features: Tata Motors World Trucks

Driver Comfort Features


We realize that the driver is the key partner in progress for the transporter. With improved roads and a vehicle capable of delivering more trips per month, it is crucial to create an environment where the driver will be able to drive more per day. Exhaustion caused by heat, noise and vibration are major factors which limit the amount of time a driver spends inside the cabin. Keeping this in mind, the Prima range of tractors come with a noise-controlled, air conditioned cabin. Larger tyres, 4 point cabin mounting, fully suspended pneumatic seats and a shock resistant steering wheel ensure that vibration within the cabin is kept at a minimum. Steering mounted controls, an inbuilt audio system, comfortable seats and berths with adequate storage space make sure the driver feels at home inside the cabin.

Comfort Features (Click on the thumbnails to view larger images)

LED Display

Roof Lamp

Smaller Steering Wheel

Spacious Cabin

Adjustable Seat

Bunk Controls

Heating Ventilation

External Locker

Ergonomic Controls

Ergonomic arrangement of switches & buttons

Adequate storage compartments


With rapid economic and industrial growth, the quantum of goods to be transported is increasing at a rapid pace in our country.

At the same time, there have been significant developments in infrastructure over the past decade which have resulted in world-class highways and expressways like the GQ and NS - EW Corridors. The outlay and targets assigned by the government for road infrastructure indicates that this transformation is all set to speed up in the years to come.

In this scenario, the Prima range from Tata Motors will ensure that Indian transporters will be able to take advantage of the improved load availability and road conditions to bring in greater returns in their business.

With a gross combination weight of 49 tonnes, we are already using the heaviest tractor-trailers allowed in the country. Further improvements in transport efficiency can be achieved only by reducing the turnaround time.

Keeping this in mind, we bring to you the Prima range of tractor-trailers - tailor made to complete trips faster. More trips per month translate directly to an increase in the tonne-km covered by your vehicle over a period of time.

With this solution, fleet owners will be able to multiply their returns by delivering more goods per year using a smaller fleet of more productive vehicles.

Factors that increase productivity and efficiency:

Prima tractor-trailers are equipped with a powerful 267 HP Cummins 6 ISBe 270 30 engine. More power translates to better pickup and better running speeds on our new highways.

Bigger and standard radial tyres ensure that tyre heating is never a reason for the driver to break his trip early. Drivers end up covering more than 250 Km in a single stretch.

Finally the aerodynamic design helps the vehicle stay stable at high speeds by reducing the air resistance.

Prima tractor-trailers come with an extended service cycle of 40,000 Km.

The use of robust and heavy aggregates (Cummins engine, ZF gearbox, hub reduction rear axles) in the driveline ensures that the lifetime of the major components is high and wear and tear is less.

Larger 11R20.00 radial tyres provided on the Prima deliver better tyre life.

Electronic sensors on the engine help in countering faulty driving practices. This reduces the wear and tear, thereby increasing the life of the aggregate.

Indicators on the dashboard of the vehicle ensure that that driver is provided separate warnings in any of the following circumstances - tractor or trailer ABS malfunction, low air pressure in parking/ front or rear air tanks, engine brake operation, opening of driver or co-driver doors, unbuckling of seat belts, Cab in tilt/ Cab not locked, engagement of parking brake, use of main beam, front or rear fog lamps, engagement of differential locks and use of high gear range.

Our standard GPS units also provide transporters regular information on the driving habits on the driver - periodic monitoring ensures safe driving and the chances of accidents are reduced.

Standard New Generation truck brakes also ensure the braking ability matches the increased power and speeds at which a Prima will run.

Larger rear view mirrors, proximity mirrors and a wide windscreen provide superior visibility.

Integral seat belts on both driver and co-driver seats.

Comfortable environment: A standard HVAC is provided to incentivise your driver to spend more time inside the cabin.

Driving posture: Drivers will not have to worry about fitting into the Prima cabin. The 8-way adjustable seat along with a tiltable and telescopic steering wheel ensure our cabin will fit in around any driver to provide the optimal driving posture - ensuring your driver does not feel uncomfortable for long stretches.

Ride quality: Larger 11R20 tyres, a 4 point mounted fully suspended cabin, pneumatically suspended seat and a steering column designed to minimize road shock offer a superior ride quality by minimizing cabin vibrations.

Minimal driving effort: A smaller steering wheel to handle, pneumatically assisted gear shift and an option to engage the cruise control on the highway help reduce driving effort and fatigue.

Prima is an intelligent truck which comes with a number of features designed to optimize fuel consumption and boost its efficiency.

Flat torque engine: The Cummins ISBe comes with a wide flat torque band - from 1200 to 1700 rpm. This provides a wide 500 rpm band at every speed when the vehicle will be generating maximum torque.

Load based speed control: The engine speed at all times is controlled by sensors which detect the load on the engine - to restrict your engine to the optimal performance band.

Idle shutdown: As an operator, you decide the idling time interval after which the Prima shuts down and saves on fuel consumption.

Fuel consumption while coasting: Sensors automatically detect when the vehicle is coasting (moving down slopes, ghat sections when the trailer is driving the tractor) and restrict the supply of fuel to the engine.

The aerodynamic cab design reduces the drag due to wind and hence decreases fuel consumption.

The economy mode of driving is defined using an easy to use coloured band system on the instrument cluster. Driving on the green band optimizes fuel consumption.

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